Best Hints to Write an In-Class Essay Exam

What is an in-class essay exam? Is there any difference between this essay and other types of essays? In-class essay exam helps the student to showcase their writing skills and knowledge of writing within a set timeframe. Here, students are supposed to use their critical thinking to analyze essays. In-class essay exams test the students’ ability to argue their points and application of knowledge. In this article, we want to look at how you prepare for the essay and what you need to do to take the exam. If you are worried about an in-class essay exam, this is the article you all need to read. 

What are you supposed to do before the exam?

How is your preparation process? How you read and write your notes matter. You need great preparation for you to do well in your in-class essay exam. Here are tips for preparing.

  1. Attend the classes and write good notes.
  2. Check past papers on the in-class essay and go through them.
  3. Read more on the key points and the challenging part.
  4. Go through your notes two to three times before the exam.

What to do during the actual exam date

What you do during the actual day is important. Your activity, your dressing, and your behavior will count on this material day.

  1. Make sure to eat well to sustain your energy.
  2. Dress accordingly to avoid discomfort during the exam.
  3. Take everything you will need.
  4. Reach the exam room early to help you relax.
  5. Think positively.

What to do in the in-class essay exam room

It is good to plan how you are going to do your exam. How you divide your time will be helpful to you. Let’s look at what to do when doing your exam.

  • Keep a record of your time. If you have two hours, take the first 30 minutes to plot your exam, 60 minutes to answer the questions and the last 30 minutes proofreading your exam.
  • Go through your exam keenly marking the important parts.

Some of the keywords to notice in the exam

  1. Analyze: It is the process of breaking a complex topic into smaller parts to understand it better. 
  2. Discuss: It is writing about a topic in detail.
  3. Explain: Making an idea clear to someone by describing it in more detail.
  4. Outline: is a list arranged to show a relationship. It is used to present the main points of a given topic. 
  5. Prove: To demonstrate the truth by evidence or argument.

How to write a thesis statement

It appears after a paper’s introductory paragraph. It gives a succinct summary of main points or claims captured in the essay. The thesis statement should.

  • Have your topic of writing in a single paragraph.
  • Pass out your suggestion and idea.
  • It should be unique.

Correct mistakes and check errors before submitting 

Carefully proofread your essay after you finish writing. Check all the mistakes and errors in your essay. Here are the ways to proofread and check errors in your essay.

  • Outline the reason why you used quotations mark if you have used any.
  • Name the writer and their work in the first paragraph.
  • Avoid mixing your verb tenses.
  • Check for the different types of sentences, length and diction of your essay.
  • Check for any wrong punctuation and wording.


If you want to succeed in your in-class essay exam, you should prepare adequately. Practice writing more essays to master a good way of writing. If you follow all the tips shared here, you will surely pass have great results in your exam.

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