Tips for Writing an Essay on Covid-19

With the Covid-19 pandemic significantly contributing to the closure of educational institutions, SATs and ACT are no longer the trends. Online education and learning have focused on assigning tasks to students surrounding writing personal statements, essays, and recommendation letter writing. Writing an essay about Covid-19 attracts mixed opinions from many as an essay should have a sense of originality and uniqueness. The impact of the pandemic has far-reaching consequences that a vast population can relate to. Therefore, writing an essay on Covid-19 will not make you any different from other students who have chosen the same topic. A college essay aimed at influencing admission officers to choose you should be exciting and unique in its way. However, there are ways you can create your statement focusing on Covid-19 topics that will strengthen your application as a candidate for admission. Such an article aims at providing you with tips for your covid-19 essay to ensure uniqueness and a high level of quality.

Writing tips for Covid-19 essay

Here are some key pointers to look out for when choosing to write a Covid-19 pandemic essay paper with the determinization to get admission to your school of choice.

  • Focus on activities that promoted your personal growth when you were not significantly affected by the pandemic. You can express your thought on how you devoted more of your time reading or working on developing your talents and skills.
  • Remember it is optional to write about the direct effects of the pandemic on you, especially in the case you were not significantly affected.
  • Have a plan of what you will say in your paper. Create an outline that provides a preview of the sections and subsections and the matters lined alongside each section. Organizing your points and your thoughts will promote the easy writing of your essay.

Tips on things worth avoiding in a Covid-19 essay

In case you are writing a Covid-19 essay, there are things to take note of.

  • Avoid focusing on explaining the nature of the pandemic. All people, including the admission officers, have experienced the pandemic.
  • Avoid highlighting the challenges that you surely know affected all high school students, like not sitting for SAT examinations.

Writing your Covid-19 essay

When writing an essay on the pandemic, it is not worth it writing about the effects of the pandemic, especially if there is no unique way that the pandemic has affected you compared to other people. Therefore, in expressing your thoughts genuinely and honestly;

  1. Focus on being authentic and concise. When writing an essay, you will have a space limitation; therefore, go to the point on what you are focusing on.
  2. Provide specific details of the impact of the pandemic.
  3. Provide a description of how you overcame the challenges that came with the pandemic and the effect on personal growth. You could focus on mental health and how you have discovered the impact of isolation on mental wellbeing.


Aim to express a unique experience by the time you choose to write an essay on Covid-19. Ensure that your paper stands out with its level of uniqueness. Otherwise, with no unique experience, avoid the topic. Your essay on Covid-19 should be distinctive as the whole point of these essays is to provide an image of who you are and what makes you different from others. So, when preparing to write your essay, avoid the obvious. Invest into creativity in your writing to impress the admission officers of the institution you hope to get that scholarship.

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