How To Become A Better Essay Writer In A Single Day

Writing a paper that will earn you an A is not as simple as many students imagine it to be. It is unfortunate that in many cases, it is not the complexity of the essays which leads to poor grades, but the poor manner in which the students handle the work. Here are five tips and guidelines which will help you a lot when writing essays.

Start mastering small mini-skills
Experts in essay help writing can tell you that writing is a lot like cooking. If you want to be a good cook overall, there is a set of smaller skills which you have to acquire one after the other. Similarly, if you want to be a great writer, you have to master skills such as:

  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Sentence construction
  • Research
  • Making citations
  • Writing introductions and conclusions
  • Proof reading

All these are skills which you can only acquire when you practice writing long enough. The best part is that if you practice on each of the skills a little each day, you will be wholesomely excellent at the end of the term.

Learn how to create cohesion
What create a difference between lackluster essay and an excellent piece of writing are the transitions that the writer creates between the phrases and sentences. The essence of these phrases is to express relationships such as continuity, exceptions, contrast and many others. When you learn and start applying the phrases, your essay starts flowing smoothly, your ideas are expressed in an excellent way, and the reader can actually enjoy reading your writing.

Make the content nourishing
When you have the basics of writing at your fingertips, you can start working on the more complex skills. These include finding ways to make your content more interesting and informative to the reader. Here is where you will have to master research skills. Before making an argument, see what literature and research already exists about the concept. Then, learn how to use the three modes of persuasion by Aristotle to make people see concepts from your view point. The four principles are:

  • Logos-where you appeal to logic
  • Pathos-where you appeal to emotion
  • Ethos-where you appeal to emotions

The most important bit is learning where in the paper Logos will work best, for instance, when giving facts, and when the others will work, like when giving recommendations and conclusions.

Editing your work
Most students write wonderful essays, but end up watering down the essence because they are unable to proofread and make them error free. Take time after writing your essays and read through. This helps you capture spelling mistakes, typos, and wrong citations, mistakes in formatting and other errors. It is the best way to ensure that the final product which reaches the lecturer is pleasant and impactful.

There are experts online who can help you create custom essays to meet deadlines by your lecturers. You can find them online and once you give them your essay, you will be amazed at the depth of the research and the quality of the composition which they will make put of the topic.

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