A Simple Manual On How To Choose Essay Topics

Essay writing is a skill which takes time to develop and perfect. However, there is one simple thing that most students neither understand nor appreciate, the fact that the topic they choose for their essay is what makes or breaks the strength of the entire essay.

Finding something interesting
The first thing that you have to do is look at your field of study, and all the research which has been done in it, to try and figure out if there are interesting topics that haven’t been tackled. This means that you might have to start doing the research right from the start and figure out the topics which will interest both you and the person who will be marking the essay. If you come up with a number of topics which seem interesting, brainstorm with the teacher or your expert in essay help to hear their point of view.

Analyzing the chosen topic
The second step to take when dealing with the essay writing process is to take the topic you have picked and assess it to determine if it will be feasible. Feasibility will depend on:

  • The amount of research that you have to do to get all your facts right.
  • The time that you have to carry out the research
  • The availability of books, journals and other research material that you will need for the essay.
  • The complexity of the research
  • Whether the topic has been covered before, and what was covered.

These are the key points which will help you determine whether you should venture into a topic.

Narrow down the topic
There is a simple principle which makes essay writing very easy. When you narrow down the topic, you get the opportunity to explore it in detail, without having to feel like you are running around and trying to gather is too much to fit into one paper. When you narrow down the topic, you are able to expand on it and create new and useful knowledge in your area of study.

Put together a bibliography of sources
The other thing that you need to make sure before you start writing is that there are available and reliable sources to back your claims. Go to the local library and see whether the books recommended for further reading on the topic. You can also check online on sources such as kindle and other libraries for appropriate reading material.

Ask for advice
Before you embark on researching and writing an essay on any given topic, you should ask your lecturer or thesis advisor about their point of view. They are the people who will read and grade the finished product; therefore, their opinion is crucial to the entire process. Try and understand the limitations they could be expressing, and if it seems like there are too many differences, edit the topic.

Choosing an easy topic would be very simple, if you picked an expert for writing essay help. The important thing to remember is that as long as you have picked the topic well, and you choose the right essay helpers, the finished product will be excellent.

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